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Your entry fee for the walk helps Kidney Health Australia plan, implement, and execute the walk on the ground. It covers council site fees, staff time and collateral, and many other aspects of the walk.

The money you raise through your fundraising page helps save lives.  That’s why every little bit counts.

Funds raised from the Big Red Kidney Walk will support Kidney Health Australia’s crucial kidney research programs. That research is translated into programs and services Kidney Health Australia uses to support, educate, and advocate on behalf of the kidney community.

Why does research for Kidney Health Australia Matter?

·         Every day, 56 people die with kidney related diseases and kidney disease is the 10th leading cause of death in               Australia, yet it receives only 1% of the Commonwealth Government funding for health research and development.

·         Kidney Health Australia is the second largest funder of kidney research outside the government and continues              to drive health policy and strategy development through these programs.  It is able to stay the second largest funder           because of the generosity of its community and supporters and through events like the Big Red Kidney Walk.

·         The need for kidney-related research is crucial. Kidney Health Australia helps fund innovative projects, which can            be readily translated into reducing the burden of kidney disease in Australia. They can also counteract the                        spiralling physical, social and economic cost of kidney disease to the Australian community.

·         Funded research programs ensure Kidney Health Australia is on the forefront of life saving therapies, technologies           and ideas and can help in prevention, early detection, particularly in patient groups most vulnerable to illness                 and inequity.

By doing the Big Red Kidney Walk, YOU can help save lives and reduce the need for dialysis in Australia and drive Australia’s research agenda forward to make a difference for the benefit of Australians with kidney disease, their families and carers.